I Have Played My Part To Make A Difference, Play Yours Too. 26 Nov

I Have Played My Part To Make A Difference, Play Yours Too.

I got the interest in draw a smile after learning the motive behind it – charity. I joined the strong lady Sasha Ferguson(Founder) and I would be right to say am one of the pioneers of the organization.
We held our first project in March 2017 in Kisenyi which went on smoothly but I was touched as a person seeing the people in the same age bracket use mafuta (aircraft fuel) as a drug, wasting and endangering their lives yet they are supposed to look and uphold our nation Uganda, the youth age being the energetic  and productive one.
As an organization managed to help, sensitise and take back home some of the street kids in Kisenyi. On a personal experience, I learnt to appreciate any small thing given to me regardless of who gives me.
We held our second drive in Nkumba, a more organized and appreciative community, gave out things for domestic use to the community and this time around we focused more on mothers and children.
I felt I had done my part after giving out to charity and someone appreciates. As I look forward to the our last project in December, I am more grateful to the youths who stand out to make some change in people’s lives and the communities.
-Kayondo Ibrahim
Projects Manager, Draw A Smile Uganda

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