Draw A Smile Is A Well Out Thought Idea 26 Nov

Draw A Smile Is A Well Out Thought Idea

Draw A Smile. Wow!¬† You can only imagine the energy that name comes with. So captivating and mind boggling that when I start talking about it I wouldn’t want to finish now. But I’ve been given a character limit so I will try so much not to go beyond that.
Well, I got to know about our visionary Sasha Ferguson way back at Buganda road primary (so don’t ask how I knew about this organization. Kept tabs on her since then via social media platforms) but allow me to say, Sasha was always different and it didn’t get me by surprise that she thought about this organization. She always drew a smile on her inner circles. Kept a few friends but was always fun and full of energy. I can’t forget her birth days (aww..) She always brought us cake and made sure she celebrated it with everyone. Including those she didn’t talk to but anyway get me in my freed time to hear more about that. I was getting off topic (you know I love cake! Don’t you?)
Getting back to the point, Draw A Smile was a well thought out idea that I embraced with all my heart. I believe in a society where every one gets an equal chance at life. A society full of positivity and these nine months we’ve been together have been so amazing. I’ve enjoyed putting a smile to the little ones. I still remember these kids at Nkumba like it was yesterday. They are so innocent bambi. We’ve also got amazing team mates, ¬†hilarious people. Vibrant and so nice to hang out with.
Not to say much, I know you have a lot to do, I love the feeling of giving. Its an art I’ve always wanted to be part of. I love Draw A Smile.
-Jonah Kirabo
Social Media Administrator, Draw A Smile Uganda

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