Volunteering,  A Great Way To Settle into A New Community 30 Jan

Volunteering, A Great Way To Settle into A New Community

Volunteering can be a great way to settle into a new community, meet people, and learn valuable skills. I recently moved from Tororo to Kampala to pursue my education and found a way to make an impact in my new community.

I was enthusiastic about volunteering and began looking for volunteer opportunities that match my interests.

I was drawn to a volunteer opportunity with the Draw A Smile – Uganda that aims to empower and uplift the needy. I heard about Draw A Smile – Uganda from Sasha Ferguson, a lady I had always loved, honored and looked up to. To me, I saw this as a way of meeting so many useful people. First, it targeted slum children but it expanded its boundaries.

This volunteer opportunity super-charged my existing skills, while helping me build new ones such as time management, business analysis, decision-making, planning, and presenting. This I learned from the various meetings we held.

“By helping others, I felt needed in society. Not only did it boost my self-esteem, other people benefited too.

Volunteering is a great opportunity to improve yourself, others, and the whole society”.
Whether you recently moved to a new place or are looking to make an impact in your current community, find a volunteer opportunity to empower yourself — and others.

-Victor Emmanuel Oloo, Draw a Smile – Uganda.

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